Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofa is a sofa with a bed inside. Cushions fold down to make a bed. Saves space as a sofa by day, bed by night. It is convenient for hosting guests. Quickly converts from cozy couch to comfy bed. Maximizes functionality in small spaces. Ithas cushions that lift up to reveal mattress. Converts sofa to bed for overnight guests. Allows seating by day, spare bed by night. Adaptable furniture for modern homes.

What is a Sleeper Sofa?

A sleeper sofa looks like a regular couch or sofa, but has a mattress hidden inside the cushions. The back cushions can be removed and the front cushions fold down flat to convert the sofa into a bed. This allows the piece of furniture to transform from a sofa into a bed as needed.

Sleeper sofas contain a sturdy metal frame. The mattress folds into thirds and is stored under the seat cushions. Most sleeper sofas use an innerspring or memory foam mattress 5-12 inches thick for comfort. When converting to a bed, the back cushions are removed and the seat cushions fold forward to lie flat and create the mattress surface.

Benefits of Sleeper Sofas

Benefits of Sleeper Sofas

Multi-Functional: Sleeper sofas provide two functions in one furniture piece. They save space and can serve as both a sofa and spare bed when needed.

Extra Sleep Space: The main benefit of a sleeper sofa is providing extra sleeping space for overnight guests without needing a separate guest room. They are ideal for small homes and apartments.

Compact Size: Sleeper sofas are more compact than a futon when used as a sofa. They have the same width and depth as a standard sofa.

Everyday Use: High quality sleeper sofas provide a comfortable seating sofa for everyday use, unlike a futon.

Adaptable: Sleeper sofas easily adapt a room from a living space to a bedroom by quickly converting into a bed.

Types of Sleeper Sofas

There are a few different types and styles of sleeper sofas to choose from:

  • Traditional Pull-Out Sofa Bed: The classic style with back cushions that get removed and a front mattress that pulls out and lies flat.
  • Futon Sofa Bed: More basic style with a thin mattress that simply folds down. The back does not get removed.
  • Storage Ottoman Sofa Bed: Cushions lift up to reveal a mattress stored inside the base ottoman.
  • Folding Cushion Sofa Bed: The seat and back cushions fold down flat themselves to make the mattress area.
  • Murphy Bed Sofa: At the touch of a button, a hidden Murphy bed folds down from inside the sofa.

Things to Consider When Buying

Things to Consider When Buying

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a sleeper sofa for your home:

  • Comfort: Make sure the mattress is thick and comfortable enough for regular use. Test it out in person.
  • Size: Consider the size of the room and bed you need. Measure to make sure it fits when opened.
  • Ease of Use: Try the conversion process to make sure it is easy to open and close. Look for lightweight mechanisms.
  • Frame: Check that the frame is sturdy and can support sleepers. Hardwood is best.
  • Fabric: Upholstery should be durable and easy to clean. Leather or microfiber are good choices.

Tips for Using Your Sleeper Sofa

Follow these tips to get the most out of your sleeper sofa:

  • Open and close the bed a few times when first getting it to break it in.
  • Make sure to measure the room to have enough space around the bed when open.
  • Add a mattress pad or topper to make the bed more plush.
  • Use fitted sheets to keep the mattress encased when converted into a bed.
  • Let the mattress breathe and dry out before folding back into the sofa.
  • Vacuum under cushions regularly to keep the bed neat and clean.
  • Use a sofa cover to protect the upholstery from dirt, wear, and stains.

Pros vs Cons


  • Saves space
  • Multi-functional
  • Economical
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable for guests


  • Mattresses aren’t very thick
  • Cushions may sag over time
  • Can be uncomfortable for daily sofa use
  • Noisy folding mechanisms
  • Takes up more space when open
Type Pros Cons
Traditional Pull-Out Classic look, easy to use Mattress tends to sag, noisy
Futon Thin, basic, affordable Uncomfortable mattress
Storage Ottoman Concealed mattress, decorative Mattress hard to access
Folding Cushion Self-folding mattress Cushions wear out fast
Murphy Bed Hidden bed, space efficient Expensive, parts may fail

Shopping for a Sleeper Sofa

Shopping for a Sleeper Sofa

When shopping for a sleeper sofa, test out the beds in furniture showrooms. Evaluate the quality, comfort, and ease of use. Look for:

  • Sturdy hardwood frame and base
  • Thick mattress 5-12 inches
  • Minimal assembly and easy opening
  • Comfortable sofa with supportive cushions
  • Durable, stain-resistant upholstery fabric
  • Folding mechanism guaranteed for at least 15,000 cycles
  • Sofa bed dimensions that fit your room when opened

Always measure the sleeper sofa bed when fully opened to make sure it fits your room. Also measure doorways to ensure the sofa can be brought into your home. Expect to pay $500 to $2,500 based on size, fabric, and features.

Making Your Sleeper Sofa Feel Like Home

To help guests feel comfortable using your sleeper sofa:

  • Provide extra bedding like blankets, pillows and fresh sheets
  • Have a pillowtop mattress cover for cushioning
  • Place a nightstand nearby for drinks, lamp, alarm
  • Add privacy with room dividing screens or curtains
  • Supply a sleeping eye mask and ear plugs
  • Have extra toiletries available in case forgotten
  • Keep tissues, water, and a wastebasket next to the bed

With some hospitality preparations, your overnight visitors will rest easy on your sleeper sofa. The versatile sofa bed can maximize space and overnight accommodations in any home.

Caring for Your Sleeper Sofa

Caring for your sleeper sofa properly will help it last for years. Be sure to:

  • Vacuum under cushions regularly to prevent dust and dirt buildup
  • Blot spills immediately with a damp cloth to prevent stains
  • Check for loose screws, hardware or sagging periodically
  • Open the bed monthly to keep the folding mechanism from sticking
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for any cleaning products used
  • Spot clean upholstery with a mild soap and water solution
  • Deep clean the mattress yearly for hygiene and odors
  • Condition leather sofas every 4-6 months to prevent cracking
  • Avoid letting pets sleep or sit on the sofa bed

With regular light maintenance, your sleeper sofa will provide many years of comfortable seating and sleeping.

Decorating with a Sleeper Sofa

Decorating with a Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas can complement nearly any room’s decor. Here are some tips for incorporating a sleeper sofa into your interior design:

  • Place it opposite the TV for a living room focal point
  • Orient it to face guests in a family or rec room
  • Layer on throws and accent pillows for visual interest
  • Use it to divide or anchor an open concept room
  • Put it near a window for pleasant views and natural light
  • Add side tables, lamps and art to make it feel homey
  • Use neutral colors if it will get heavy use
  • Position it 3-4 ft from walls for easy mattress access
  • Make sure any adjacent tables or shelves allow room for bed use

With some creative placement and accessorizing, your sleeper sofa can feel like attractive fixed furniture, even while doing double duty as a bed.

Choosing Bedding for Your Sleeper Sofa

Use these guidelines when selecting bedding for your sleeper sofa:

  • Mattress pad for protection and extra cushioning
  • Fitted sheets are secure and wrinkle-free when unfolding
  • Deep pocket fitted sheets accommodate thick mattresses
  • Flat sheets in cotton or flannel are cozy for sleeping
  • Blankets provide extra warmth and visual appeal
  • Duvet inserts or comforters with covers allow easy washing
  • Pillows in various densities and fills suit individual guests
  • Pillow protectors increase longevity and hygiene
  • Mattress toppers add plushness without sagging in folds

Having dedicated, comfortable sleeper sofa bedding makes it easy to convert the couch into a welcoming sleeping space.

Sleeper Sofa Alternatives

Sleeper Sofa Alternatives

If a sleeper sofa does not work for your space, consider these alternatives for accommodating overnight guests:

  • Murphy bed: Folds down from the wall and tucks away neatly
  • Daybed: Sofa-like seating with bed frame and pull-out trundle
  • Blow-up air mattress: Quick to inflate and stores compactly
  • Portable cots: Lightweight, foldable extra beds
  • Futons: Floor mattresses that fold up into couches
  • Pull-out ottomans: Hidden mattresses in storage ottoman cubes
  • Convertible chairs: Recline flat to become a small bed

With some creative thinking, you can find the right compact sleeping furniture to house your overnight visitors.

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Final Thoughts

Sleeper sofas are a very useful kind of couch. They have a bed hidden inside them. When you need an extra bed, you can open the sofa and pull out the bed. Then your guests have a place to sleep for the night.

Sleeper sofas let you have two things in one furniture piece. You can use it as a regular sofa for sitting during the day. At night, you can turn it into a comfy bed. Sleeper sofas are great for little apartments or rooms. They give you a couch and a bed without taking up a lot of space. A sleeper sofa is a smart choice when you want seating and sleeping in one piece of furniture.

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