How High To Mount TV in Bedroom – 10 Great Tips?

Achieving the right TV height in your bedroom can make a significant difference in your overall viewing pleasure. With our ten great tips, you’ll learn how to strike the ideal balance between comfort and aesthetics. Whether you prefer a wall-mounted TV or a TV stand, we’ve got you covered with expert advice on finding the perfect height that complements your bedroom layout and ensures a fantastic viewing experience from any spot in the room.

Discover the secret to perfect TV placement in your bedroom with our 10 great tips. Say goodbye to neck strain and hello to optimal viewing pleasure as we reveal how high to mount your TV for the ultimate bedroom entertainment experience.

Mounting a TV in your bedroom is a great way to create a cozy and entertainment-filled retreat. However, determining the optimal TV height can be a bit tricky. With our ten great tips, you’ll gain valuable insights into factors such as eye level, distance, and room layout to help you make an informed decision.

How to Find the Perfect TV Height for Your Bedroom

How to Find the Perfect TV Height for Your Bedroom

Finding the perfect TV height for your bedroom is important to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. Here are a few easy tips to help you find the ideal height for your TV.

First, consider your eye level when you’re sitting or lying in bed. The center of the TV screen should be at eye level, so you don’t strain your neck or have to look up or down too much.

Next, think about the distance between your bed and the TV. You want to make sure the TV is not too close or too far away. A good rule of thumb is to have a distance of about 3 to 5 times the screen size.

It’s also important to consider the size of your TV and the layout of your bedroom. A larger TV may require a higher placement, while a smaller TV can be mounted lower. Take into account any furniture or obstacles that could block your view as well.

Mount TV in Your Bedroom at Eye Level

When mounting a TV in your bedroom, it’s important to position it at eye level for the best viewing experience. Here’s why:

Mounting the TV at eye level ensures that you can watch your favorite shows and movies comfortably without straining your neck. When the center of the TV screen aligns with your eye level, you won’t have to look up or down, reducing any discomfort.

To achieve this, consider the height at which you typically sit or lie in bed. The TV should be mounted so that the center of the screen is at the same height as your eyes. This allows for a natural and relaxed viewing position.

By mounting the TV at eye level, you’ll have a more immersive and enjoyable experience. You’ll be able to watch your shows without any unnecessary strain or discomfort, making your bedroom the perfect place for relaxation and entertainment.

Architect’s Recommendation

Architects play a crucial role in designing spaces, including the placement of televisions. They consider factors like room layout and aesthetics to determine the ideal TV mounting height. Following their recommendations can ensure a harmonious blend of functionality and design in your bedroom.

When it comes to TV height, architects typically suggest mounting the television at eye level when standing. This ensures that the TV is positioned for optimal viewing in a standing position, such as when you’re getting ready or moving around the room.

Interior Designer’s Recommendation

Interior designers focus on creating visually appealing and comfortable spaces. Their recommendations for TV mounting height take into account both aesthetics and ergonomics. By following their guidance, you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing setup that enhances your bedroom’s overall design.

Interior designers often suggest mounting the TV at eye level when seated. This ensures that the TV is positioned for comfortable viewing when you’re sitting on the bed or a chair. It allows for a relaxed and enjoyable viewing experience without straining your neck or eyes.

Ideal Viewing Distance

Ideal Viewing Distance

The ideal viewing distance is also an important consideration when mounting a TV in your bedroom, especially when considering the placement of luxury sofa brands UK. It refers to the distance between you and the television, which affects the visual immersion and comfort of your viewing experience.

By considering the recommendations of architects and interior designers for TV mounting height and the ideal viewing distance, you can create a bedroom space that is both visually appealing and comfortable for watching your favorite shows and movies.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended viewing distance from the screen.

  • Maintain a proper distance between yourself and the TV screen as directed by the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer’s recommendation takes into account factors like screen size and resolution.
  • Keeping the suggested viewing distance ensures optimal picture quality and clarity.
  • Following the recommended distance helps prevent eye strain and discomfort during prolonged viewing.
  • The manufacturer’s instructions consider the ideal balance between immersion and visual comfort.
  • Adhering to the recommended distance allows you to appreciate the details and sharpness of the content.
  • Maintaining the suggested viewing distance enhances the overall viewing experience.
  • Deviating from the recommended distance may result in a compromised visual quality or distorted perspective.
  • It’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines to fully enjoy the capabilities of your TV.

How Far to Sit when Viewing TV

Determining the right distance to sit from the TV is important for a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. Here’s what you need to know:The recommended distance to sit from the TV is typically about 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 meters) for a bedroom setup. This distance allows you to fully immerse yourself in the content without feeling overwhelmed by the screen’s size or details.

Sitting too close to the TV can strain your eyes and make it difficult to see the entire screen. On the other hand, sitting too far away may result in a loss of detail and diminished visual impact. Finding the right balance is key.To determine the ideal distance, consider the size of your TV. As a general guideline, multiply the diagonal screen size of your TV by 1.5 to get the minimum recommended viewing distance.

 For example, if you have a 40-inch TV, the minimum viewing distance would be around 5 feet (1.5 meters).By sitting at the appropriate distance from the TV, you can enjoy a clear and comfortable viewing experience. Remember to adjust the distance based on your personal preferences and visual comfort.

Bedroom Mounted TV Additional Considerations

Wall Material and Studs: Consider the type of wall you have and locate the studs for secure and stable mounting.

Cable Management: Plan for proper cable management to ensure a clean and organized look.

Viewing Angles: Determine the optimal viewing angles from various spots in the room to ensure everyone can enjoy the TV comfortably.

Glare and Reflections: Position the TV to minimize glare and reflections from windows or light sources.

Sound Quality: Consider speaker placement and acoustics to optimize the audio experience.

Remote Control Accessibility: Ensure that the TV is mounted in a position where the remote control can easily reach the TV sensor.

Safety Precautions: Follow safety guidelines to securely mount the TV and prevent accidents.

Power Outlet Accessibility: Ensure easy access to power outlets for connecting the TV and other devices.

Aesthetics and Room Decor: Consider how the TV placement aligns with the overall aesthetics and decor of the bedroom.

Future Adjustability: Plan for any future adjustments or upgrades, such as tilting or swiveling mounts, to accommodate changing preferences or needs.

By considering these additional factors, you can create a well-rounded and customized bedroom TV setup that meets your specific requirements and enhances your overall viewing experience.

Where should my TV be placed in the bedroom

Where should my TV be placed in the bedroom

Deciding where to place your TV in the bedroom is important for comfortable viewing and room aesthetics. One option is to mount the TV on the wall, which saves space and allows for optimal viewing angles. When choosing a wall mount, consider the height and distance from your bed to ensure a comfortable viewing experience without straining your neck.

Another option is to place the TV on a stand or furniture. Make sure the stand is sturdy and position the TV at eye level when seated in bed to avoid discomfort. Additionally, consider the viewing distance, aiming for about 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 meters) for an immersive experience.

Take into account the room layout, including furniture and windows, to ensure the TV is easily viewable from different angles without any obstructions. By considering these factors, you can find the ideal placement for your TV in the bedroom, creating a setup that allows for comfortable viewing, complements the room’s design, and enhances your overall enjoyment.


How high should a TV stand be from the floor in a bedroom?

Within one or two inches of that height is the ideal TV stand height.

Where should I mount my TV on the wall in my bedroom?

Mount your TV on the wall in your bedroom at a height and position that allows for comfortable viewing from the bed.

What height should a TV be from the floor?

A 43-inch TV should be mounted 56 inches from floor to TV center.


In conclusion, when it comes to mounting a TV in your bedroom, the height at which you mount it is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. By following the 10 great tips on How High To Mount TV in Bedroom, you can ensure that your TV is positioned optimally.

Consider factors such as eye level when seated in bed, the size of your TV, and the recommended viewing distance. These tips will help you find the perfect placement for your TV, allowing you to watch your favorite shows and movies without straining your neck or eyes.

Bedroom is not only about comfort but also about aesthetics. By considering the overall design and layout of your bedroom, you can integrate the TV seamlessly into the space. Whether you choose to mount the TV on the wall or place it on a stand, make sure it aligns with the room’s decor. By following these guidelines, you’ll create a bedroom setup that combines functionality, visual appeal, and a comfortable viewing experience that is perfect for your needs.

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