How Do You Fold Up Those Beach Chairs?

Beach chairs fold up to carry. People use them at beaches, pools, campsites, and outdoors. They are lightweight and easy to adjust. You can relax and recline in them. Most have steel or aluminum frames. They also have fabric seats and backs. Many have wide armrests and footrests for comfort.

Folks ask “How do you fold these up?” It’s time after a fun beach day. Folding them is pretty easy but varies. Most fold into a thin, long bundle. That makes them easy to carry. First, lean back the chair fully. Find the joints and latches to release. Unclip any buttons too. Fold it inwards to the back. Then push the sides completely together. Finally, strap it or tie it folded.

Beach chairs are great outdoors. But fold them right when done. Most folding kinds have hinges. So they get compact in size. Simply unlatch sections and push together. From a lean back to flattened. Or just step on it folded up. Then slide in a bag or case. Taking time folds up chairs for easy transport.

Preparing to Fold Beach Chair

Before starting the actual folding process, there are a couple of preparation steps that make collapsing the chair smoother.

  • First, make sure the chair is completely dry if it’s been used at the beach or pool. It’s best to let the chair fully air dry to prevent mold growth. If there are still some damp spots, proceed with caution and dry thoroughly later.
  • Next, clear off any items on the chair such as towels, bags, or toys. Removing obstructions allows the chair to be folded freely without snagging.
  • Finally, fully recline the backrest so that the chair lies completely flat. This reclined position allows access all the foldable joints and connections that get compressed when collapsed.

Folding Technique

Folding Technique

With the beach chair prepped, it’s time to start the folding process:

  1. Locate the Main Hinge or Latch: The specific location varies, but there is usually a main hinge, clip, or latch holding the two chair sides apart. This is commonly found near the middle of the chair on the front or sides. Release the main connection point and undo any safety locks.
  2. Break Down the Legs: With the main hinge released, the next step is to push the legs together and fold them inward. Apply pressure where the legs meet the seat to snap them into a folded position. It may take some force.
  3. Fold the Seat: Keep bringing the chair legs together and begin folding the seat upwards to meet the backrest. The chair should be collapsing in on itself.
  4. Compress the Sides: As the seat folds up, grab the chair by the sides and push them together. This will completely flatten the chair into a compact bundle.
  5. Lock it in Place: Finally, secure the folded chair with any straps, holders, or ties. This prevents it from unfolding accidentally.

Helpful Folding Tips for Beach Chairs

Follow these tips for foolproof beach chair folding:

  • Step on the folded chair to flatten it further. This lets it fit nicely into carry bags.
  • Pay attention to release buttons – don’t force the chair if something isn’t unlatched.
  • Apply firm pressure in the middle to help push the sides together.
  • Fold any footrests, ottomans, or canopies prior to collapsing the main chair frame.
  • Start by fully reclining the chair to access all movable joints.
  • When placing in a storage bag, keep the chair folded tightly to save space.

Storage and Transport of Beach Chairs

Storage and Transport of Beach Chairs

Once you’ve folded up those beach chairs, you’ll need a way to keep them contained for easy transport. Here are some options:

Carrying Cases

Look for beach chair carrying cases, usually made of durable canvas or nylon. They often feature backpack-style shoulder straps and exterior pockets. Match the case size to your folded chair dimensions.

Duffel Bags

A long, cylindrical duffel bag with a zipper closure can accommodate a folded beach chair nicely. Look for solid stitching and padded straps.

Plastic Clips

Plastic holder clips, like those found on folding tables, can keep the chair neatly folded until ready to use again.

Vehicle Storage

In trucks or vans, folded beach chairs can stand upright and be held in place with tie-downs or cargo nets. For cars, place horizontally in the trunk.


What is a beach chair?

A beach chair is a portable, folding chair typically made with a lightweight frame and canvas or mesh seat and back, designed for comfort and relaxation on the beach.

What is a folding beach chair called?

Deckchair, a portable folding chair used at deck or on the beach.

How do you get out of a beach chair?

Push off with your legs while leaning forward, using chair arms for support if needed.

How do you fold down a chair?

The folding mechanism varies depending on the chair’s design, but generally, you’ll release any latches or levers holding the seat and backrest in place, then fold them together until they lock.

How does a chair go up and down?

Most chairs adjust their height using a gas cylinder that moves the seat up and down when you press a lever.


Folding up beach chairs properly is important for easy storage and transportation. The chairs need to be completely dry first. Then undo any clips and latches so the chair can fold. Push the sides together so the chair folds up tightly. It should become flat and long. Make sure to secure the folded chair with straps or ties. This stops it from opening by accident.

Beach chairs with frames that fold are helpful for camping, pools, and days at the beach. But they only work well if you know how to collapse them down correctly after use. Taking just a few minutes to neatly fold beach chairs makes them much easier to carry, pack up, and store until the next time you head outdoors.

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